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All About the Bamboo

Bamboo is technically considered a grass. The leaf is harvested fresh off bamboo, dried and ready to steep for a delicious cup of tea. Served hot or cold.

Bamboo leaves have a sweet earthy mild flavor.

Super easy! Just pour near to boiling or boiling water over your tea leaves. Steep for a minimum of 2-5 minutes and for as long as you like. Sometimes we like to steep our tea overnight.  The great news is, after the first brew, your Bamboo leaves can be reused 3-6 more times.

Bamboo tea is really hard to come by as it is not readily available in your local market. Also bamboo tea is not widely known in western culture, yet!

There are a wide range of health benefits in drinking bamboo tea due to its high content in silica, which promotes healthy hair and nail growth. Silica is also the building block of collagen, which is a vital structural protein the body uses to rejuvenate connective tissues, promoting healthy skin and improving joints.  Silica will also help improve symptoms of arthritis. 

Bamboo tea is bioavailable which means the body is able to absorbe the natural silica and have an active, drink up!

No, your body will take exactly what it needs and will get rid of any excess.

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