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What The Beauty Industry Doesn’t Tell You

mai 21, 2021 5 min read

What The Beauty Industry Doesn’t Tell You

The Industry

Women as you may or may not know are bombarded with beauty products. There is a product for every body part; this is for your eyes, this is for the skin on your hands, your neck and so on. Yet men get the 5 in 1 product that takes total care of a mans beauty needs from head to toe. 

Have you ever wondered why that is? I have, and I narrowed it down to marketing and of course money. Globally the beauty industry is over a $500 billion business and they do an outstanding job at making us believe we need that magic product that is going to make us look flawless. Don’t get me wrong, I have my favorite serum that I apply before my favorite homemade skin oil, and it definitely makes me feel better and brighter. I am not discounting beauty products, I am just suggesting that it might take a bit more than applying your favorite serum to reverse or prevent fine lines.  

We have all heard about the fountain of youth and just like you, I wish it were real. Am I allowed to say that word...youth? Who knows these days! How about fountain of graceful that better? 

Anyway, what if I told you you can steep your own cup of graceful aging and what if I told you it is not only what you put on your body that matters, it’s about what you put in your body that makes a significantly huge difference.....on the inside and on the outside.


The Journey 

The first time I was ever introduced to silica was in Geneva, Switzerland 2016, (one of my many favorite places). There, I met the best gift that I have ever received, Sachiko aka Yuki, (one of my favorite people, my bestie) and co-founder of YKB Bamboo Tea. We got on well from the jump and here we are writing blogs haha. That was the short version of our story!

Back to silica!  Silica is an important trace mineral that provides strength and flexibility to the connective tissues of your body - cartilage, tendons, skin, bone, teeth, hair, and blood vessels. Silica is essential in the formation of collagen, the most abundant protein found in your body. 

I am sure Yuki and I were having a conversation about either hair, nails and or skin when she told me about this mineral/supplement she has been taking and loving. Of course, I hopped on the silica wagon and was hooked. After time, traveling and a few more years of life happening, I somehow forgot about silica and how important it is for my/our body.  

Then one day (don’t ask me how) I discovered bamboo tea and was super excited about it. What?! It has the highest amount of plant silica on! Give me two bags! 

I got one for me and one for Sachiko (aka Yuki) knowing in my head she will for sure love it!  

She didn’t love it and I was devastated because I was just in awe with this amazing tea that made my skin glow, my joints feel like butter and my nails super long and outrageously strong! (That totally rhymed)

A year goes by and I get the best voice message from Yuki, “OMGOSH, I’ve been drinking Bamboo tea and it is AHHmaaazzzing!” I was literally jumping up and down yelling, “YES, FINALLY” forward a few months later and we were like, “We gotta tell the world," hence YKB Bamboo Tea.


The Teas, The Herbs, and The Spices

I am obsessed with all the above! Growing up, I was raised on black tea, camomile, sage, fresh mint and fresh oregano. While adulting, learning and researching the healing benefits of teas, herbs and spices, I have come to such an appreciation for these plants and their magic.  

My tea cabinet is full of all types of green, white and black teas, fresh rosemary, fresh oregano, fresh mint, cinnamon, cumin, chili, ginger, and fennel, just to name a few. They all have their purpose and they work! I am a huge believer that these plants offer healing, preventative and reversing effects to our body. Why wouldn’t there be a tea/herb for hair, nails, skin, and joints? There is and the beauty industry doesn’t want you to know about it! Bamboo tea leaves are kind of a miracle and not just any kind of bamboo tea but YKB Bamboo Tea! 


YKB Bamboo Tea 

Yuki and I have tried numerous grades of bamboo leaves and selected only the best quality. We noticed a huge difference in our tea leaves compared to others and they don’t compare. The vibrant green, the aroma, and the taste of YKB Bamboo Tea is amazing. Not to mention how quickly we noticed the change in our body.  

I first felt a difference in my joints, then my skin and then my nails. Only after a few days of drinking bamboo tea, my whole body felt so supple, my skin was glowing and I was happy. After a while, I noticed how fast my hair was growing and noticed how fast Yuki’s hair was growing, we were both very pleased. Considering our results, we were determined to share this with the world and increase silica levels in as many people as possible.


Beauty From Within

It is that simple, beauty is from within. Health starts by what we put in our body. A cup of YKB Bamboo Tea a day will keep the wrinkles away ; ) Dare I say it is better than Botox ... there I said it! You must try it for your self...Bamboo Tea, not Botox!



I just encourage you to rethink beauty standards, beauty products, and the whole industry itself. We live in a world where information and education is literally at the tip of our fingers. Let’s be more heath conscious about aging gracefully! It is inevitable, we all age and frankly, it is a privilege....not something to frown upon. You’ll only get frown lines hehe 

Look into teas, herbs and spices for some physical and mental health benefits. Fill your cup with what your body needs; replenish and revitalize your cells. Staying hydrated is key by the way, and having a cup of herbal tea, cinnamon and honey, or our favorite YKB Bamboo Tea will definitely help keep you hydrated.  

I steep a big batch of bamboo tea over night and drink it throughout the whole day to keep me hydrated and to keep my silica levels up. We love our bamboo tea both hot and cold. I personally love to blend it with ginger, lemon and honey.  

Again, what if I told you you could steep your own cup of “graceful aging”? Would you try it?

What’s in your cup?  


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