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How Bamboo Tea Changed My Life

mayo 20, 2021 3 min read 1 Comentario

My Bamboo Tea Journey

The Discovery

My discovery of Bamboo Tea was by accident. 

It was 2019, and I had travelled from Zurich to Paris to meet Linda (my best friend and YKB Bamboo Tea Business Partner) at the airport while she was on a layover. 

Her flight was delayed and we managed to meet only for a few minutes, but she presented me with a bag, and inside was a bag of dried organic bamboo leaves, one of her latest healthy discoveries. 

When I got back to Zurich, I tried a cup but it ended up sitting amongst my tea collection for many months as it was not “love at first taste,” and at the time I didn’t know anything about Bamboo Tea and its numerous health benefits. 

Fast forward to spring of 2020, I had left Switzerland and was spending lockdown in the middle of nowhere in Ireland. It wasn't long before I had run out of my favourite teas, and was struggling to find suitable replacements locally. 

Daily beach walks helped to keep me sane, and one day on my walk I was listening to a podcast where I heard the host was talking about the health benefits of drinking herbal infusions, and how they help to add minerals to our drinking water. 

She also mentioned how they had improved the quality of her skin and hair noticeably. 

This caught my attention, as I had been wondering about the quality of my drinking water and what I could do to improve it. 

When I got home, I rummaged through my dwindling tea stash, to see if I had any herbs that I could infuse. I looked at my still almost full bag of bamboo leaves and thought they might work; unlike regular tea leaves, bamboo leaves are caffeine free and suitable for infusing. 

That evening, I added boiling water to some bamboo leaves and left them to infuse overnight in my small tea pot. 

The following day I added a small amount of the infusion to my water bottle, and drank it throughout the day, topping up with the infusion as I went along. 

The Benefits

I wasn’t expecting to notice any improvements, as I was drinking it mostly to add some minerals to my water. 

However after a few days I had noticed that my skin felt really smooth, and I noticed it because the skin on my body had been feeling very dry, and I had been struggling to find a moisturiser that really worked. 

After a few weeks I noticed that my hair was also really shiny and smooth. 

I started to feel like I was being moisturised from the inside out, I felt a lot less stiff when I woke up in the mornings and my joints felt like they had been lubricated. 

It sounds strange, but I also noticed that my teeth and gums were in better condition too. 

Finally my nails have always been quite brittle, and it probably took the longest for me to notice the difference in them, but after drinking bamboo tea for a year now, they are the strongest they have ever been. 

It got to the point where I started to notice a difference when I went too long without drinking my bamboo infusion, and I began looking to see where I could replenish my bag once it ran out. 

However it didn’t take me long to realise that bamboo tea was not easy to come by. 

The tea that Linda gave me was no longer available to buy, and when I got excited to find that a tea company in Germany was selling bamboo tea, the tea that arrived was less than stellar. 

I also tried taking Silica supplements (bamboo is potent in silica), but the results were nowhere close to when I was drinking my daily bamboo infusion. 

Finally after many months of searching, Linda and I were amazed at how little known about it was, and decided that we wanted to help spread the miracle of bamboo with the world. 

With Linda based in the US and me in Europe, between us we tried as many bamboo teas as we could find. 

Finally we found one that stood out by a long shot in terms of quality and taste, and we knew we had a winner. 

YKB Bamboo Tea was born. 

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Linda Rabadi
Linda Rabadi

junio 25, 2021

Love this!!!

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