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How Deep Is Your Steep

junio 29, 2021 2 min read

How to steep Bamboo Tea

Tea time has always been a part of Sachiko's life and my life.  It is part of our 4 very different cultures, and its significance has obviously impacted our lives.  We are big tea drinkers and understand the importance of drinking and preparing tea.  It is a type of ceremony, your own personal one enjoyed alone or with others.  


How I steep, verses How to steep…and that is because you have to find your way. I can only tell you my method as I have been experimenting with steep time and blending with herbs, fruits, flowers or other tea flavors...(more about that in the next blog) There really is no right or wrong way, only your way and I would love to hear how you like to drink your bamboo tea.


The first thing I do is prepare water to boil.  Who waits for water to boil?  I don't...ok, maybe sometimes!  While the water is reaching boiling point, I take my time in prepping and getting what I need ready. 

Depending on what I am using will determine how much tea I’m adding.  

Anyway, usually I add 1-2 pinches of YKB Bamboo Tea directly to my mug/jar, (the leaves sinks to the bottom while steeping) and sometimes I use a mug size tea strainer. I use a 5 finger pinch if I am making a big batch in a pot; I add near to or boiling water and wait a few minutes. Then I enjoy. 

Lately, I have been using a mason jar due to the's hot out!  After making a big batch and after it has cooled a bit; I pour it in my mason jar over ice, squeeze half a lemon, stir it up...and it's best tea time ever!


The great thing about YKB bamboo leaves is you can use the same pinch up to 5 times. Around my 4/5th steep is where I leave it over night and have a cup first thing in the morning.  


Again, I encourage you to find your way and make it a routine, a tea time, a me time, a type of ritual or meditation time.  Make a cup of tea with purpose with intent, like anything else you would do with purpose and intent.  How deep is your steep?

What does tea time mean to you? And tell me, how do you prepare your cup of YKB Bamboo Tea?



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